Wolf on the Run: Shifters of the Glen 4

BBW Wolf Shifter Romance

Lonely, grief stricken, and battle hardened, Boyd is one closed-off and tough pack enforcer. Big, strong, and powerful, he has spent decades alone after the tragic loss of his mate.
Recently, he’s been finding himself drawn to a pretty human female, the lovely Laura, and he doesn’t like it one bit. Boyd doesn’t want or need a relationship, but when danger threatens, his feelings aren’t easy to control.
Laura has found herself pining after Boyd since the day she met him. Normally the one on the receiving end of adoration, she finds it hard to deal with his cool and aloof response to her. But soon she has other worries on her mind as danger closes in on all sides.
The two of them must somehow deal with their feelings and work together to try and overcome the threats they face.
Can Boyd move on from his past and let new found love mend his broken heart?
“Don’t miss this exciting new series from Skye Jones.” Bestselling author. Michelle Fox.
***This book can be read as a standalone. No cliff hangers. HEA***

Publisher: Skye Jones
Reviews:Amazon Reviewer on Amazon wrote:

This is the fourth book in the series, Shifters of the Glen. As this series moves it just becomes more intriguing and captivating. There's more than just wolves out there peeps. Well at least according to this series. (there's always hope)
Anywho, Wolf on the Run is awesome. We meet some new characters and enjoy visiting with old friends too.
Boyd is an enforcer and damaged. Laura is human and not an "empathine".
He's running from everything and she's wanting to be caught. Will he let go of the past and chase??Will she stay and fight or say goodbye?? What about the characters Marc and Dante will the join the chase?? Omgosh so much going on and you'll
love every single minute of it!!!!

Amazon Reviewer on Amazon wrote:

I absolutely loved the romance story. Boyd had such an awful past that it would seem he would never love again,but then came Laura. There were some suspenseful scenes in between that made the reading even !ore exciting. I can't wait to read another from this series.

Amazon Reviewer on Amazon wrote:

I can't even begin to say how much I love this story...it is so emotionally charged. Boyd is such a strong and troubled man. He has been riddles with guilt and despair since his mate and unborn child died at the hands of rogue shifters. But than he meets Laura and he doesn't know what to do with the feelings she awakens in him.. Laura is falling for Boyd hard and doesn't know how to deal with it all. So she runs away, but when Boys comes looking for her, will they be able to finally be together or will Boyd's past prove to hard to overcome.. I received an arc for honest review.