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Book Cover: The Trap: A Bratva Vows Prequel
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The Trap: A Bratva Vows Prequel

I saw a possible threat; he saw a victim in waiting.

I had a plan. A naïve and dangerous plan. Get the mob boss to notice me, seduce the mob boss, kill the mob boss. Except the elderly mob boss wasn’t the only one to notice me.
He did.
Beautiful. Cold. Deadly.
He’s a monster amongst men.
I crave him. I fear him.
Then one day…I’m taken and given to him.
The trap is set.

This is a prequel to book one in the Bratva Vows duet: The Gift

Publisher: Skye Jones
Cover Artists:
Reviews:A. Richards on Amazon wrote:

From the moment THE TRAP was started, I was immersed in a world of danger and a quest for vengeance. A young woman feels that she has nothing to lose and becomes focused on getting justice for a past wrong. But sometimes even a carefully thought-out plot does not goes as planned. SR Jones makes every single second of the prequel to the Bratva Vows series profoundly enthralling, whether only emotions are involved or if there is the threat of unknown peril.

Though the scheme that Violet Johnson thinks up is exceedingly risky, she is determined to carry it out. Working at a restaurant owned by a crime boss will let her get close to him and perhaps discover vital facts which will aid in reaching her goal. Unfortunately, way too much attention is paid to her by Andrius, a man working for the individual whom she is targeting. Just when Violet makes a crucial decision, her life takes a turn that she never saw coming.

With vivid descriptions and colorfully portrayed characters, THE TRAP is constantly riveting. SR Jones has created truly intriguing developments for Violet, where surprising incidents frequently occur and the turmoil in her life keeps mounting. With each new detail learned, my fear of what would eventually happen to her continued to grow. I will definitely be getting the next book in order to learn her fate.