In my world, you trust no one.
In my world, family can be the worst enemy of all.
In my world, no one hurts what is mine.

I made a promise: to keep Maya safe at all costs. Now someone has taken her, and she is facing true horror. I will burn this world to the ground in order to save her.
Then once I have her home, I will never let her go again.


He says he wants me to be his, but he won't tell me he loves me.
Ownership, control, these are what he trades in, but I need more.
Making something real from how we began won't be easy, but we can build something beautiful from brutality. We can find our own truth amongst the lies.
Trouble is, we both need to believe in us to make this work, and I'm not sure he does.

This is the final part of the Mafia Vows duet. This is a romantic suspense with dark themes. Please be aware that this contains triggers, plus loss and grief.

Reviews: A. Richard on Amazon wrote:

Unforeseen developments and fascinating characters!

The way in which the previous book in the Mafia Vows series ended had me highly anticipating the continuing romantic adventures of Maya and Damen. I quickly discovered THE PROMISE had unforeseen developments that I never expected, and each one captured my full attention. SR Jones brings much realism to every moment, whether it relates to a situation filled with sadness or an event overflowing with happiness. When I first met Maya and Damen, there seemed to be no way that this couple could ever be in a satisfying relationship because of their vastly different personalities, and I wondered what the author would put them through before anything lasting could be established.

Although Damen Lambrakis married Maya Kantos out of allegiance to his mob boss and not love, nothing will stop him from making sure she never comes to any harm. When potential threats become real, he does all he can to keep any risks from taking place. However, Maya cannot keep from pondering just how far Damen’s loyalty goes when it comes to making choices between her and the criminal whom he serves plus what are his actual feelings for her.

Even though their childhood years were nothing alike, both Maya and Damen were exposed to events which shaped their adult lives. She desperately wants to be loved for herself, while he keeps his emotions under control and does not let anyone get too close. I really felt for these two, as what they feel inside is so powerful, yet expressing these personal thoughts could possibly lead to being hurt. One area where they are compatible is sex, and neither hold back when given an opportunity to enjoy each other. All their reactions are very convincing, along with those with whom they interact. The dangerous aspects in the story are chillingly believable, and I was often kept in suspense as each episode played out. Numerous secondary characters are featured, and I really came to care about several of them because of how SR Jones made them sympathetic, even when their professions should have made them unlikable. Looking forward to more stories about this fascinating world of organized crime.