Mafia Vows Book Four

Book Cover: The Betrayal: Mafia Vows Four
Part of the Mafia Vows series:

My name is Star, and I am for sale to the highest bidder.

My people chose me as their offering, and trained me for the life I would lead once bought at auction.

My new Master doesn't want me though, not in the way he should. He says it would be wrong. A sin.

His name is Markos and he has dark hair, and even darker secrets.

Markos says my community groomed me, twisted me, and filled my head full of falsehoods.

My new master wants me to betray my community, my family. He says they are bad.

My new master isn't exactly good.

I find myself living amongst these hardened soldiers of the Greek mafia and hoping I can get out of this without betraying them, or my people.

But I know, ultimately, someone will be betrayed.

This betrayal will be my biggest sin.