In my world, you take what you want, and rules are made to be broken.
In her world, people are good, kind, and honorable.
When our worlds collide, the fallout will burn us both.

Stella - her name means star, and for me she burns brighter than any other woman.
I've watched her from afar, telling myself she deserves better than me.
When she gets taken, all bets are off, and I make my move.

Stella wants me, wants this, but she's scared.
So I make her an offer. A deal.
One month. Me and her, and if at the end of it she doesn't want this she walks away.
Except, Stella doesn't know I always play for keeps.
And I always win.
Every. Single. Time.

This is a dark mafia romance.

Part of the Mafia Vows series, this follows on from the Mafia Vows duet, and is better read as part of the series as other characters frequently appear from past books.

You can start the series for FREE with The Contract, a prequel introduction to the Mafia Vows world.

Please be aware, this is a dark romance and therefore trigger warnings do apply.

Praise for the series:

"what a whirlwind!" Amazon Reviewer.
"Profound emotions and intrigue." Amazon Reviewer.
"SR Jones is the bomb at writing Mafia books " Bookworms Book Blog.
"Amazingly suspenseful and full of romance." Amazon Reviewer.

Reviews:Piper's Romance Reads on Amazon wrote:

5.0 out of 5 stars Oh my stars! This book was the perfect dark romance!

When Stella is kidnapped by a depraved madman, Alesso realizes his feelings for her run deeper than friendship. He becomes determined to keep her safe even months later when he finally tracks her down and finds her in someone else’s arms. With a ‘honey badger don’t care’ attitude, Alesso storms into her home, vowing to protect her at all costs & demands she leave with him for her own safety. When it becomes apparent that returning home is no longer an option as Stella’s life is in danger once again, they travel to stay with Andruis.

Stella’s anxiety is at an all time high as she is still reeling on the inside from the fact she killed two men - in self defense. This is further made worse as her self esteem is especially low thanks to a verbally & emotionally abusive grandfather. Due to her anxiety & low self esteem, Stella is very gun shy and has trouble believing handsome, rugged Alesso is really interested in the real her. Alesso pledges to Stella that she can make the first move in their relationship, vowing not to touch her first. They soon receive news that one of the men’s former lovers wants her dead. The former lovers ran a high end trafficking business together and plan to have an auction near Andruis’s home. Can Alesso & his men take down the terrible monster in charge of such horrendous things before time runs out? Can Stella stand up for herself and decide who is truly part of her family? Perhaps the biggest question - can Alesso fearlessly show Stella all of him - the dark & the light and find love & acceptance when he looks into her eyes after?

Plot: 5/5
Main Characters (hero/heroine): 5/5 Alesso & Stella
Angst: 5/5
The Feels: 5/5 Intense!
Pace: 5/5
Addictiveness: 5/5 - Could not put it down!
Steam/Hotness/Chemistry: 5/5 - Holy hotness, Batman! Some BDSM & Vanilla scenes
Theme or Tone: 4/5
Flow (Writing Style): 4/5
World Building: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Ending: 5/5 - Couldn’t think of a better ending for Stella & Alesso! Opened the doors for Markos’s story next!
Series: Mafia Vows
Triggers? Yes, rape & sexual assault are both mentioned, kidnapping & human trafficking are heavily detailed.
Trope: Friends to lovers
Romance Sub genre: Romantic Suspense
Source: Kindle Unlimited eBook
Would I recommend this book? Yes, ages 18+. Mature audience. See Trigger warning.
Would I read more from this author? Yes! Can’t wait to read Markos’s story!!