Mafia Vows Book

In my world, power is taken not given. In my world, women are a pastime and nothing more. In my world, emotions are dangerous and need to be locked down.

Maya is born to this world, but she doesn’t understand it. It makes her vulnerable, and now she’s been promised to a man I wouldn’t let my worst enemy marry. She needs help.

I step in and take her as my bride in order to save her skin.

Problem is, our marriage is fake, but our passion is real.

My ring on her finger is the tie that binds her to me.

Maya thinks she can walk away once the danger is over. She believes our passion is fleeting. She hopes I will simply let her go.

She’s wrong. On. Every. Single. Count.

We’re playing a dangerous game. One where the lines are so blurred, we can’t see them.

I’m going to take her and make her mine, and in this game, she’ll play by my rules.

But someone wants Maya out of the game completely, and our world is about to implode.


Then he tips my chin up and brushes a finger over my lip. “You’ve got some growing up to do, baby. The world isn’t black and white, it’s not even shades of grey; it’s every color under the rainbow, including blood red. You’re not so innocent as you think. You could have refused to spend a penny of your father’s money if your ideals were strong, but you didn’t. The bag you bought in Paris? Soaked in blood money. The shoes you love? The same. You spend your daddy’s money, and your daddy’s money comes from your uncle. You’re as deep into this life as the rest of us, until the day you walk away completely and start over afresh. If you don’t understand that, you’re always going to be in danger. With your family ties, you can’t afford to be naïve.”