If you find out your whole existence, everything you ever knew is a lie, where does that leave you?

I am Star and I'm a sacrificial offering for my people.
A thing to be sold to the highest bidder.
Then I'm bought and nothing is as it seems.
Up is down, and good is bad.

My new master is a hardened mafia soldier named Markos.
He wants to save me.
I don't want to be saved.
The only way out of this for me is betrayal of the highest order.

Reviews:honest_bookworm on Amazon wrote:

5.0 out of 5 stars brainwashed by a cult- is freedom and love still possible?

The Betrayal is book 4 in the Mafia Vows series and deals with Star, who has been raised by a cult and sold into sexual slavery as a child. Saved by Markos, she cannot accept the freedom she is offered, because, being brainwashed, all she knows is how to be a sex slave.When the team discovers the location of the cult and evidence of murder, Star is forced to face the truth that her whole life is based on lies and deception. She now cooperates and provides information to help raid the compound. Markos, carrying the emotional and physical scars of an abusive childhood, is damaged in a different way and as lonely as Star.They start to trust each other, bonding over the hurt and gradually, they are falling for each other. Only when Star has to leave, it is that Markos belatedly realizes the nature of his feelings...
This book is a great addition to the series I really enjoyed reading. It is fantastically and empathetically written, skillfully highlighting the situation of Star and Markos from all angles. The characters and their multi-layered personalities and messed up minds are well developed, the topic of manipulation and abuse is depicted spot-on and true to life. The evolution from slave and master to a relationship of love and trust really moved me and is excellently done. And luckily, the plot progresses on a positive note, poignant,steamy and, after some trials and tribulations, a sweet and perfect happy ending. And I was delighted to discover that Skye already has a new story in this series in the pipeline. Can hardly wait!