Book Cover: Hard
Part of the Raw Heroes series:

I’m nobody’s hero. Hell, I’m not even a good guy. All I do is work, eat, train and sleep. Repeat. The only thing I care about is protecting those who matter to me. Other than that, I’m numb, walking through the world like a ghost. And guess what? That’s the way I like it.

Then she comes along…

She’s the last thing I need--and the only thing I want. She's full of righteous indignation at the world—and at everything I stand for. Getting her is going to be hard work. But I relish this challenge. Tearing down her walls and breaking her apart, I’ll make her mine and take control. It’s what I do. But when danger threatens to take her from me, I will unleash the killer I’ve tried so hard to tame.

Publisher: Skye Jones
Cover Artists:
Reviews:JJ on Amazon wrote:

Oh wow, this is the second book in the series and just as great as the first. S.R. Jones has written and published a sure best seller with Hard. I can not believe this incredible storyline as well as this set of characters. Hard is crafted in such a realistic way, you feel like you actually know these people. While I am a huge advocate of all Veterans, it truly takes a special person to write about the struggles many of them deal with and bring attention where it is needed. Luka unfortunately is dealing with PTSD. Cara has a horrid past as well as she is recovering from being attacked physically. The two share a banter and passion for the other that is beautiful to see. Are they too broken? Or can they heal together? Opposites they may be but together is where they belong. Beautifully Done.

I was incredibly fortunate to have requested an advanced reader's copy of Hard in exchange for my honest opinion and loved it so much, I purchased it. This should go without saying but I highly recommend this book.