Dragon Clan 4

Gwen is a dragon shifter who lives by her own rules. She goes surfing, indulges in hedonistic nights out, and travels widely. The last thing she wants is to meet a mate. But when she has a dangerous accident, two astonishingly sexy males come to her rescue. Then everything changes.
When Cadan and Jago save a dragon female from drowning, they immediately sense she is their mate. And Cadan is not a male who takes no for an answer. Determined to win Gwen’s mind, body, and soul, he sets out to make her theirs.
Soon the three of them are torn apart, and must face a deadly enemy.
But sometimes overcoming external enemies is only half the battle. All three have inner demons they must conquer to be together. Can they do it before time runs out?
Gwen is book four of the Dragon Clan series and can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Publisher: Skye Jones
Reviews:Rebecca goodreads reviewer on Goodreads wrote:

Love the storyline that this author gave us...the triad of Cade, Jay and Gwen..you have Cade who's ,as Jay says older than dirt, Jay himself is a younger dragon and Gwen who is a latent meaning she can't shift and doesn't have power and is younger of them. They were perfect for each other in every way. These characters are great also. Very interesting read....I really recommend this.