Book Cover: Deep
Part of the Raw Heroes series:

I've never needed a hero, until I do.
I've never been the girl to fall for the big alpha male, until I am.
Reece bursts into my world and changes it in an instant.
Dare I follow my heart?
I'm a warrior, protecting people is what I do.
When I meet Kate, her beauty, spirit, and good heart make it personal.
Someone is out to hurt her.
I won't let them.
Even if it costs me everything.

Reviews:Charleen Davis on Amazon wrote:

This is an exceptionally well written suspense filled romance story.When the beautiful Author that rights suspense thrillers has a stalker that finds out she's a woman writing as a man .She keeps getting flowers with dark dangerous letters telling her all the terrible things he's going to do to her.She keeps running going from p!ace to place and has a woman body guard but when the situation comes that she has to turn over the guard duty to a smoking hot man ,Kate tells her she doesn't know if she can handle Reese guarding her or living in a small place with him because he's too dang hot.She thinks because she's a few years older than him that he won't find her attractive her friend the female body guard tells her to use him as her muse because since being terrorized by the sicko she has had desire or yearning for any man until Reese.Will Reese find he can't keep his hands off of Kate he knows he shouldn't but there is something special about her.Reese has his own issues with being in closed places after what he and another fellow special old guy witnessed and watched.He really wants what his friends have a real relationship but because of his demons he has to be able to go out and run ,climb and surf if the whim hits him. Will he survive the crazy stalker?Will Kate survive?Will he live to tell Kate he loves her?The twists and turns with suspense and danger at every corner and hot sex scenes this is a must read story.I can hardly wait to see what's next by this multi talented author.I voluntarily decided to review this advanced reader copy because it's a great adult suspense filled romance story and I wanted other avid adult romance readers to know it's so worth reading.