Part of the Twisted Trilogy series:

For the mistakes of the father, I will take payment from the daughter.


They call me the Italian Prince, the Amalfi Banker, and so many other names. Whispered names … dangerous names.


I’m a man who always gets what he wants. She is no exception.


Amelia Marshall, the daughter of Charles Marshall, an old family friend. Book smart, but life stupid. She’s sin wrapped in innocence. A rare temptation amongst the dull hallways of her father’s rambling estate.


I visit them to make a deal with the old man, but she proves to be a welcome distraction.


I want to take her apart, break her open, and see what makes her tick. I want to make her mine.


When her father places my family in danger by reneging on his word, he gives me the perfect excuse. I make Charles a promise of my own.


Amelia will be my payment for his sins.


It’s a cruel promise, but one I intend to keep. No matter the cost.

Publisher: Skye Jones
Cover Artists: