About Skye Jones

Welcome to my blog. I’m a romance author, which automatically means I’m a bit strange as I make people up for a living!

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I love to write about that moment when lust and love meet head on. So expect some sexy times, alpha males, strong heroines and some danger and intrigue too.


I penned my first work as a child, which was all about a hobby horse that talked. I moved on from talking wooden horses to writing about those sexy alpha males, and the lucky characters who cross their path.

I write paranormal romance, and in 2017 will be publishing my first contemporary romance.

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Skye Jones romance: Where lust and love meet head on.

8 thoughts on “About Skye Jones

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  7. Helen

    I was wondering when book 2 for the Davis Clan is out or if it is maybe in a bundle somewhere? If you could please let me know thanks .

    1. Skye

      Hi Helen,

      I apologize for the late reply. I am updating this website so haven’t been checking it as regularly as I should. The book is not due out till a bit later this year. I currently have three books due out very soon – all three are Wolf Shifters, and they follow three different human heroines who find themselves thrown into the wolves world. Book two of the Davis clan is due around August and so is an extended version of Book One. Thanks so much for stopping by and asking – and I am sorry the reply was so late! Skye xx


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