So…something happened and I wrote bear shifters.

The first story will be in a soon-to-be-announced anthology. I plan on doing a three part series all focused on the same couple (a first for me).

I can’t say much about the story, except it features hunky bear shifters, a clumsy girl who wanders off the path onto bear land, and some interfering fae!

Here’s a sneak peek excerpt for your reading pleasure: Charlie fought her fright. She didn’t want to freak out, but God help her, the men surrounding her were scary as hell. Big, brawny, and serious-faced, they made her tremble where she lay. The woman, though, appeared friendly and warm in her countenance. Charlie swallowed and winced. Her throat ached, dry and scratchy, and her head pounded. Nausea roiled in her belly. She moaned when she moved.
“I found you.” One of the huge guys spoke up, the one to her right and the biggest of them all.
She turned and looked at him, and despite her fear and pain, something about him soothed her a little. His build and stance might be downright intimidating, but his face was open and relaxed, and his rich brown eyes were warm and friendly. She swallowed and focused on his face and the odd sense of familiarity about him. Had she met him before? She didn’t think so.
“You were passed out. I think you fell and hit your head. So, I carried you back here. I couldn’t leave you in the woods. Once you’re feeling better, we’ll get you home.”
An image flashed into her mind, potent enough it made her cry out. A huge bear loomed over her, so close its breath heated her cheek. She reared back against the headboard instinctively.
“Oh my God. A bear. There was a huge bear. I remember it coming toward me… It looked like it wanted to kill me.”
She reached up to her face with shaky hands and rubbed at her eyes.
“There are no bears in Wales, honey,” the woman said.
“I know what I saw.” Charlie wanted to get out of there as fast as possible and back home. Everything seemed so strange here in this room, as if she dreamed the moment. Her rational mind screamed at her to get away from this place and these people, but her instincts told her somehow she’d be safe here.
“I need to find my team. I lost my team, and my boss and colleagues will be looking for me.”
“What the hell were you doing out here in the middle of winter?” The big guy spoke again, and his gruff voice flayed her skin like sparks of fire, sensitizing all her nerve endings and setting her ablaze.
She swallowed hard and focused on making her mouth work as raw lust, the likes of which she’d never experienced before, roared in her veins. “My company organized some sort of team-bonding week, and we were staying at the hostel near Conwy. Today, they sent us on an orienteering task. I spied a red squirrel, and I’ve never seen one before. I stopped to look at it and rest my leg. The others meandered away but didn’t go far, but the next thing I knew, they were gone. It was so strange.”
Yeah. Strange. Like this place and these people.
“How weird. Almost as if this is all meant to be.” Another of the men spoke, and his striking blue eyes landed on her to stare with cool appraisal.
“Not now, Kyle,” Mr. Gruff said with a bite to his words. The blue-eyed one hitched one shoulder in a lazy shrug and inclined his head in a half nod. The gesture seemed oddly insolent. Gruff huffed out an annoyed breath and they stared at one another a moment, as if having some sort of silent argument.
“Are you hungry?” the woman asked, snagging her attention. Her long, dark hair gleamed as it fell to her shoulders in a straight sheet.
At the idea of food, Charlie gagged.
Hope you enjoyed and as soon as I have more details, I will let you all know.

Bye for now,

Skye x