My new series, Shifters of the Glen, is set in a remote area of Scotland. Often this region – the Knoydart Peninsula – is referred to as Europe’s last great wilderness. Both the peninsula – and the rugged terain leading to it, are only accesible by foot or boat. Indeed, CNN named it as one of the last ten great wildernesses on Earth.

When I read about a place so inaccesible, I knew it would be the perfect location for my shifter series.

For this new series, I wanted somewhere to base my Scottish shifters that would be wild and untamed. I’ve visited the Highlands before, and the rugged landscape is breathtaking, and at times inhospitable. You can walk for days in some areas without seeing another soul. What better place for a group of preternatural beings to hide away from the rest of the world?

For more about the area you can take a look at this beautiful video of the region: