First let me start by saying that I don’t only write paranormal romance. I also write contemporary, and romantic suspense, but I write more paranormal. I think the reason is because I love the way you can make up the rules of your own world.

Sure, there are well known tropes about shifter society, or the way vampires behave or look, for example, but you don’t have to follow them. There’s no author rulebook on how your paranormal world should function. This gives a writer a lot of freedom, and I love that.

For instance, in my Wild Hunters series there are vampires who make an appearance. These vamps aren’t hot. They aren’t sexy. They are horrible and grotesque beings, pretty much as they used to be viewed in many parts of the world. I got my inspiration for how they looked from the old silent classic, Nosferatu. In that film the vamp is horrible. Pointy ears, long gangly limbs, big teeth, pale. Not someone – or something – you’d want anywhere near you. The remake by Werner Herzog features a terrifying Klaus Kinski as the undead monster. This is how I wanted my creatures to be. Scary and freaky.


My shifters are also a bit different, because they don’t have large packs. In fact, Dylan, in Claimed by Desire, doesn’t have a pack at all. He’s a lone wolf, hurting from the loss of his mate. This idea really intrigued me and I wanted to write his story that way. It is set in Wales, a place full of folklore and myth. If you spend time up in the Snowdonia mountains you can see why such myths are born. The landscape is breathtaking but haunting. The weather can turn in an instant. One moment you can be hiking a mountain pass in bright sunshine, a moment later the wind picks up and clouds gather. The landscape changes dramatically with the weather and can go from beautiful to foreboding in the blink of an eye.

I loved the idea of this wolf shifter living on a farm in the middle of nowhere and then falling in love with his very human farmhand.

230507 Snowdon Watkin Path up

Next up I want to write a vampire story. These ones won’t be hideously ugly, hissing creatures of course! No one would want to read a romance with those as the central characters 😉