I’m pleased today to host author Haley Whitehall with info about her new release – Alpha’s Voodoo. She is going to tell us a little about her writing, and then give us the info on her new release. Take it away, Hayley:

Paranormal Historical Romance

With the popularity of the supernatural paranormal historical romance is becoming more popular. One or both of the characters may be a shifter, vampire, demon, or witch. I’ve read several recently.

Just like with the romantic suspense genre paranormal historical romance comes in many degrees. Some stories are mostly paranormal with a historical setting and others are mostly historical with paranormal elements.

Have you read a paranormal historical romance? I am a historical romance author at heart. I used to say I’d never write a paranormal story and then I came up with the idea for the Bayou Pack series. I’m not the kind of author who researches trends, so I didn’t realize that this genre is growing. I just decided to try to write wolf shifters set in the U.S South in the 1850s.

Because of my historical background I think my newest release Alpha’s Voodoo is more historical although the paranormal is strong and more than just mere window dressing. While there are more paranormal historical romances on the market, I have noticed it is hard to please everyone. Some historical readers do not like the paranormal elements and some paranormal readers do not like the historical setting.

Comment with the title of a paranormal historical romance you’ve read or something related to this genre and you are entered to win a copy of Alpha’s Voodoo.



Are curses real or merely imagined?

Violet Creed is a New Orleans debutante. She was brought up with servants and a strict set of rules regarding propriety, and her papa never approved of her interest in Voodoo. One night she sneaks out of the house and attends one of Marie Laveau’s gatherings—where she loses her virginity and her reputation. Turned out by her papa, Violet is destined for a life on the streets until Madam Dawn saves her.

Cursed to live as a wolf shifter, Mark Afton is a wealthy lawyer and heir to the Bayou Pack. Unfortunately, he can’t take over leadership from his uncle without a mate. Wanting to escape his mother’s endless matchmaking attempts, he accepts Madam Dawn’s invitation to sail on the maiden voyage of the Southern Rose and enjoy the pleasurable company of her ladies.

One of Madam Dawn’s recent hires catches his attention. He is drawn to Violet immediately. Could she be his mate or is their attraction merely Voodoo?

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Hormones flooded his body and his cock, now hard as steel, ached.

Proceed with caution. If he shifted now without warning Violet, besides frightening her to death he would risk hurting her, as it was hard to restrain the beast in the midst of the mating thrall.
The dining bell rang and his wolf let out a low growl.

Worst. Timing. Ever.

He picked up her many layers of clothing and handed them to her one at a time. Once she was dressed, he escorted her into the parlor. Scanning the room, he looked for any possible threat to his mate. His wolf snarled. Every man here was competition and a threat.

Mark pulled back Violet’s chair for her and then sat down. She folded the large cloth napkin in her lap, closed her eyes, her lips moving in silent prayer before filling her plate.

His stomach tightened, pushing out all his air. Would she think his inner wolf was of the devil?

It was common knowledge in many circles that wolf shifters existed, but did she believe in them? Did she realize they were half human and not monsters? He cursed the stories of wolf shifters kidnapping and enslaving women. While some of them were true, they were not representative of his race. They only served to frighten people, women and children especially.
The last thing he wanted to do was frighten her.

Mark passed the bowls and plates handed to him to Violet, making sure they weren’t too hot to handle. She wasn’t going to burn her delicate fingers on his watch.

“Thank you,” she said, taking the bowl of potatoes and peas out of his hands.

All the men and women at the table had the smell and glow of sex on them— even Madam Dawn, although he had no idea which of the men she had taken to her bed. They all looked quite satisfied. All except for himself.

“Are you enjoying the voyage?” Madam Dawn asked from the head of the table. The lingering question in her voice, though subtle, was hard to miss.

“Yes, very much. Thank you.” He smiled at Violet and patted her hand. The last thing he wanted to do was give the impression anything was wrong.

Her eyes brightened at his touch and his heart gave a resounding thud.

A waiter made his way down the long rectangular table, which was actually several smaller tables pushed together, and poured each of them a glass of red wine.

He should have taken himself in hand before answering the dining call. Now he had to wait what seemed like a month for a release. The mating hormones continued to pump through his blood and made it impossible to focus on anything but Violet. He shifted in his seat, desperately trying to get comfortable and ignore his hard cock.

Violet batted her eyelashes at him. She picked up her wine glass and pressed her lips to the rim. His attention drifted from her lips to her slender throat to her chest. He bit his tongue to hold back a groan. She had him so worked up he could hardly think straight, and the funny thing was she seemed oblivious of the seductive power she cast.

How he managed to eat he didn’t know. The courses kept coming and somehow he cleaned his plate each time. He couldn’t remember what he’d eaten or even how it had tasted. Thoughts of lying with Violet consumed him. The desire to claim the ebony beauty beside him intensified with each passing minute until a near painful need pulsed through him.

He shifted in his chair again, this time scooting a little closer to her. Instead of quelling the flame it fanned the fire even more. What had he been thinking? He considered scooting back, but that might seem odd. Most of the men were snuggled closer to the women than what was naturally considered polite. He’d suffer for Violet’s sake.

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About the Author

Haley Whitehall lives in Washington State where she enjoys all four seasons and the surrounding wildlife. She writes historical romance set in the 19th century U.S. When she is not researching or writing, she plays with her cats, watches the Western and History Channels, and goes antiquing. She is hoping to build a time machine so she can go in search of her prince charming. A good book, a cup of coffee, and a view of the mountains make her happy.