I have suffered with insomnia on and off for years, but this week it has returned with a vengeance. Partly I think due to a lot of life crap that is starting to cheese me off. You know the sort of thing – your washing machine floods the kitchen, your car breaks down, you get a massive bill you weren’t expecting, the dog throws up all over the sofa, and some utter bastard nicks your wallet so that you have to cancel all your bank cards. And it all happens at once, leaving you tearing your hair out.

Yeah. That’s been my kind of week. So last night I was awake until six in the morning. You’ll know if you’ve ever suffered from insomnia what it is like. Thoughts start cirlcing round and round in your head. You obsess about things, and it’s not as if you are doing anything productive because you are just lying there – awake and stressed wondering if the sick stain will eventually fade from your beige sofa.

Which is where I find the internet a godsend. Yes, there are studies that say you shouldn’t read back lit screens at night as it can cause insomnia. But if you’ve gone to bed and done all that ‘sleep hygiene’ stuff – and you still can’t sleep – then the internet can be your friend.

Often when I can’t sleep I read, but due to my extra stressy brain last night I found it hard to focus on any of the books I’ve got open on my e-reader. So instead, I messed around online. I looked up recipies for sugar free flapjacks (yummy), read a few articles I’d had bookmarked for weeks, and I finally got chance to update my Goodreads shelf.

If you checked out my ‘read’ shelf on GR you’d be forgiven for thinking I hardly ever opened a book. This is not true. I read a lot. I just don’t update my shelves a lot. Or get around to puttting up reviews I’ve been meaning to put up for ages.

So I did some reviews, and updated my ‘want to read’ list (well, partially, I’ve tons more I need to add).

I don’t know if any of you guys do this but I tend to read in binges. So, I spent a year where I hardly read anything other than m/m. Then I had a massive PNR binge. Currently, I’ve been reading a ton of MC romances, and New Adult. I’ve found new to me authors that I love, and got some noted down I can’t wait to read. I don’t know how long my NA kick will last. I still read other things, I’ve got two m/m romances on the go right now – but I do tend to binge out more on one genre at any one time.

I’m hoping tonight I will get some sleep, but if not, I’ve a brand new MC/NA book on my e-reader that I think looks gripping enough to pull me out of any funks my stressy brain gets me into! And if that doesn’t work, I might try writing, which is what I used to do when suffering from insomnia but stopped doing due to it being ‘bad sleep hygiene’.

Finally apologies for any spelling mistakes in this post. My eyes are propped open by matchsticks right now and I am running on fumes. I think I need a walk out in the fresh air to wake me up! Time to take the dogs out 🙂