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Claimed by Love has had some fantastic reviews. Some of the things reviewers have said include:
“Exceptionally well written”
“This story is HOT”
“Wow. I love this book! It’s written wonderfully, and I adored the characters! This was such a great love story! It has left me feeling on cloud nine.”

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So here is part three of chapter one:
Another low rumble from Luke kicked his brain into gear, and Sean moved nearer to the alpha. He forced himself to give Kayley another friendly smile, trying to divert her attention from Luke, who positively vibrated with need next to him. Her fear unfurled in the space between them, a living thing, sharp and acrid, and he needed to get Luke out of there before she turned tail and ran.
He cleared his throat and started to speak. “We’ll get out of your hair, Will, and let you two catch up for a while. Later we’ll all get properly acquainted, I hope.” He gave one more smile and moved toward the stairs, dragging Luke with him.
The alpha still hadn’t spoken, but he followed Sean up the stairs obediently enough. Once they reached the bedroom, Luke yanked away from Sean’s grasp and pushed the bedroom door open with enough force to nearly break it.
Sean’s heart stuttered. Luke never pulled away from him. No matter how serious their arguments, he always relished Sean’s touch.
God, but he was riled up to hell! Sean followed Luke into the bathroom where his mate splashed water on his face, over and over. When Luke lifted his head, he met Sean’s gaze in the mirror. An odd sliver of gold created a halo of sunlight around the stormy gray of troubled eyes. The hint of Luke’s wolf had Sean taking a step back. Luke never lost control of his wolf.
“Luke?” He reached out. “What is it?” He knew, damn it he knew, but he needed to hear Luke say it before he could even remotely allow the possibility in.
Luke’s big body visibly shook as he turned to face Sean. “It’s her. Kayley…Will’s cousin…it’s her.”
“Are you sure?” Sean argued despite himself. It wasn’t merely Luke’s reaction. He’d sensed it too, hadn’t he? The odd tingle and burn, the zap when they touched. “Will’s cousin? I mean—she’s human, Luke. Does that sound like our long lost mate? Shifters and humans, it doesn’t happen often.”
“I don’t care what she is. Kayley is our mate.” Luke’s expression darkened further, but at least his eyes were fully gray once more. “It’s her, Sean. I felt her—here.” He slammed a hand over his heart.
“Luke, look at me.” Sean paused until Luke focused on him, panic rearing in his chest at the fucked up situation. It seemed such an odd coincidence. But Luke’s visions were never wrong, and he’d been seeing her in his dreams for years. No way would he fail to recognize her in the flesh. “We could be wrong, must be wrong. Something’s so off about all this.”
“We might be wrong, I suppose.” Luke prowled toward him. “But if so, how do you explain the fact that she’s been dreaming about us for months now.”
“What?” Sean’s mouth dropped open.
“When she looked at me, I could see everything running through her mind as clear as
if she’d printed it out on a sheet for me. She’s freaking out down there because for the last few months she’s dreamed about us, repeatedly.”
“Fuck!” Sean struggled to get the air into his lungs as he processed Luke’s words.
“So is she gifted, too? Do you and she share the ability?” Sean didn’t like the idea. An emotion he’d not expected reared its ugly head, and jealousy pricked at his skin.
He’d known Luke believed himself destined to have two mates because of his dreams and visions. He’d been told about them before he’d bonded with the alpha. He’d gone into this eyes wide open and could hardly back down now. At the time, he’d wanted Luke so badly he’d have accepted fifty others to have him. Alphas could take more than one mate, and even in modern shifter society, some still did, despite many frowning upon the practice.
At first, Sean accepted the idea because of his need for Luke, but once they were bonded, Sean began to share snatches of Luke’s visions. Images and dreams of a young, dark-haired woman came to him, but he never saw her clearly, or felt her as strongly as Luke did. To Sean she’d been nothing more than an echo, an idea, a vague reality. Now she stood in their home, her presence as solid and real as the carpet he walked on.
Sean had truly believed they were meant to be three, and that he’d be fine with it, but now doubts surfaced. And fear. Fear he might be sidelined if the female possessed the same gifts Luke did.
Luke said, “No. She doesn’t share my ability. Or at least, if she does she isn’t aware of it and can’t direct it. She couldn’t read us down there, or pick up on our emotions. She’s completely unguarded, in a way someone with any knowledge would never be. But somehow, for reasons I cannot explain, she’s spent the last few months dreaming about us.” He flushed then, his skin reddening under his tan. “Her dreams have been of us—the two of us—fucking.”
Sean’s dick filled at Luke’s words. On some primal level, his body responded to the idea of her watching them, despite the other emotions swirling around within him.
He tried to think clearly. “Let’s say we proceed from the standpoint of her being our mate. You can’t say anything. Not yet. We’ve already acted pretty damn strange, and she’s an anxious young woman who Will says has been through hell. So we’ve got to go back down there and put on an Oscar-worthy performance of normality. She can’t know what we are, and she can’t know what she means to us. At least not yet, it’s too soon. Hell, she doesn’t even know what her cousin is.”
A low, impatient growl forced its way out of Luke’s chest. “She’s ours.”
“No, not yet she isn’t.” Sean’s fingers rubbed a soothing pattern on Luke’s forearm. “Remember how you were with me? I’d sworn off alpha males for life after my first experience being mated, but you dragged me in. You gentled me Luke, like a fucking horse whisperer or something. You understood how scared I was, and you slowly reeled me in until I begged you to claim me. She’s like me.” Sean moved his hand up to trail his thumb over Luke’s jaw, needing to touch his mate anywhere and everywhere. “She’s been so badly hurt. Will and I talked some today, and he told me how seriously injured Dane left her. Think about how deeply affected she must have been by it. She ran the length of the country, left her home and family, and never went back. You go in all hot and heavy, you’ll scare her off. Maybe forever. You can take it slow. I’m the proof.”
Luke breathed out in a rush. “Slow.” He spoke as if he tested the word, tasted it.
Sean studied his mate as he struggled with his alpha nature. “I know how hard this is for you because it’s going to be hard for me. My mating link with you means I’ve yearned for her as well. But if we go in guns blazing, we lose her for good. Please, give it a little time.”
“I’ll try. Tonight, I’ll be the perfect gentleman.”
Sean wondered if Luke would be able to hold it together.

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