So…you finally get a contract for your first book and you are all giddy and happy. All the hard work you did writing is nothing almost compared to what is to come. You edit and you work with your (amazing in my case) editors and publishers. You try to sort out things like your Amazon author page. Your blog. Tsu. Etc.

Then finally…finally the big day arrives.

How I pictured release day.

champagne drinking

How it actually went.

stressed woman

Here’s the run down of my day:
Got up and ripped a nail, down to the quick.
Ran out of bread AND milk.
Broke a tooth (I jest not).
Walked my dog with a friend and her puppy. My dog made an exhibition of herself.
Missed an appointment.
Went shopping and made tea very late due to other demands upon my time.

What’s going on??? I mean I’m an author. Shouldn’t I be sat on a beach being fed Champers by scantily dressed young men? Eating chocolates and grapes from a silver platter? I demand my money back right now!!

In all seriousness though. Despite the crazy, this has been one of the best days of my life.

Here you are my lovelies. Have some man candy to celebrate with me!

cool tats

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