I need to lose some weight. And this isn’t purely about how I look but a health issue, too. But I can’t seem to do it! I just don’t have the mojo to knuckle down and stick to a diet. Or even healthy eating. I’m loading up on Ben and Jerrys, and chips and dips, and lots of cookies. It’s not good. I tend to diet really well for three days or so, then pig out for two. Over, and over, and over again!

I’m an emotional eater. I’m also a ‘thinking’ eater. I eat a lot when needing to concentrate, which seems to be fairly often at the moment. Every time I get a deadline for a piece – the chocolate comes out. I’m not a big eater – as in I don’t eat a lot in one go. But I’m the world’s best grazer. I can pick at food all day long.

But I may have re-found salvation. I’ve been re-reading Susie Orbach – Fat is a Feminist Issue. It’s an interesting book, which looks at weight and body image and the pressures women face. It isn’t a diet book. It isn’t (purely) a self help book – although it can help. It’s partly political, partly personal, partly psychological. And it is great!

It’s not for everyone. It does come with a good dose of feminism and a lot of psychological talk, but for me it’s about the only ‘diet’ book that ever worked, because it made me see why I overeat, and why my body image is so cruddy.

Maybe this time I’ll be able to get to that goal weight, be happy with the fact that it isn’t a supermodel weight, and finally stay there!