Today it is my turn to tell you a spooky story as part of our Flash bloghop from the House of Manlove. This story continues the tale of Andreas and David, which I began during our previous Valentines Flash. It works as a stand alone, but you can check out the earlier story if you so wish here:

This is a little prequel tale, an insight into their first meeting. I hope this vampire – or Vampyre as they call themselves – tale is suitably shiver inducing for Halloween.

house of manlove flash

                                                                            One Shot.

“I know what he is.” Stephen shuffled under the sheets, and his cold feet found David’s leg.

“Sorry?” David said.

Stephen sighed. “The Lord and bloody Master. I know!”

Christ! David had quite enjoyed his dalliance with Stephen, but now he was going to have to let him go.

“I did some digging. Know I shouldn’t have, but I’m a nosy bastard. I suppose you’re going to sack me now? Let him do that memory wipe thing, before I get sent on my way with a nice fat check?”

David looked his lover square in the eyes. “Yes.”

“Why do you stay? Come with me.”

“Oh, Stephen. Don’t make this more than it is. I saw you getting serviced by Sara last week. You don’t really want anything serious.”

Stephen had the good grace to blush. “I still think you should leave. You get one shot at life.” He held his finger up. “One shot. Don’t spend it in this mausoleum, serving a monster.”

“He’s not a monster…and I owe a debt.”

“Some debt.”

“Yes. It is.” David pulled Stephen close, and they didn’t talk anymore. In the morning the younger man would be gone, richer and with memories of the last six months that were anything but real. David would stay. He owed Sirus.


Voices drifted out of the study. It had been a week since Stephen’s departure. He’d not missed Stephen much. Never let himself get too close to anyone. His future was mapped out, which was fine; he’d made his bargain a long time ago. Had begged for help, and when it came, he’d accepted it and the price.

His master’s voice rang out as David approached the door. It was Halloween, and the thought made him smile. If only people knew that those like Sirus were real!

“There are many duties, Andreas.” Sirus said. “It can be a lonely life, but it’s worth it to protect the future of our kind.”

“No matter how much of a sacrifice being on the council is, Sirus. I welcome it. My parents shouldn’t have died the way they did. I do this for them. Rogue Vampyres have to be fought, and the Council is the way to do so.”

The stranger’s words slammed into David. Another person who’d lost his parents to rogues sat in that study. He halted, and took a moment to gather himself before he entered the room.

David cleared his throat when he walked through the door, giving them a heads up on his arrival.

Sirus looked up and smiled. “Andreas, this is my man, David. He will go through the paperwork with you.”

David shuffled the thick parchment in his hand and tried not to stare at Andreas. Tried and failed.
This would be the third time he’d inducted someone into the council. Usually, though, they were older males. This one, Andreas, was young. He only looked about twenty-five, which put him in his first century in Vampyre years. He wasn’t only young, but handsome, too. Breathtakingly so. Almost angelic looking, but with a broad build, and a steel behind his eyes that belied his beauty. He made David’s heart skip a beat.

“Show Andreas to the dining room when you finish in here.” Sirus patted David on the shoulder and left the room.

Andreas watched David with those cool, intelligent blue eyes. “You’re human.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Interesting. Sirus uses you for such high level work does he?”

David grit his teeth. “He has my absolute loyalty.”

“Lucky Sirus.”

Wow! He didn’t have a clue what to make of that remark. Ignoring it, he headed to the large desk in the corner of the room. He sat behind it and indicated for Andreas to take the seat in front. “This won’t take long. Just a few signatures and the oath.”

“How old are you?” Andreas asked.

“Nearly thirty.”

“Do you like men in general? Or is it just me? Is this attraction a first for you?”

Bloody vamps and their senses! Time to put and end to this arrogant male’s games. “Technically, you’re not a man. Yes, I like men. Yes, you are attractive, and there’s no point in denying it, as I’m sure you can sense my feelings. However, you know as well as I do that relationships between humans and your kind are frowned upon. So please, with all due respect, let me do my job.”

Andreas snorted. “Who said anything about a relationship?”

The male stood and leaned over the desk, his handsome features blurring as he loomed close to David. Head cocked to one side, Andreas smiled and lowered his mouth to David’s throat.

David didn’t move. Couldn’t even breathe. Desire, anger, fear, they all battled for supremacy. He waited for the prick of teeth against his skin, but it didn’t come. Instead, warm breath moved over his throat. David’s skin tingled where Andreas’ lips almost touched him.

“Vel negative blood. Very rare.” Andreas moved back, sat down and placed his palms on the desk. “But then, I don’t think your extra sweet blood is the only unusual thing about you.”

David stared at the full lips, which moments before had ghosted across his skin, and hid a shudder. Whether he trembled from fear or lust, he didn’t quite know.

“Pass me the pen and show me where to sign.” Andreas gestured for the pen with a flick of his fingers, all business suddenly.

He lost his parents, too. The words screamed through David’s head. He wanted to ask Andreas about it, but knew he could never do such a thing.

“So…why does our Sirus have your undying loyalty?” Andreas finished signing with a flourish.

David could refuse to answer, keep this business like. Or he could tell Andreas and watch his reaction. He chose the latter.
He took a deep breath. “My mother was killed by a group of young rogue Vampyre’s. She died in front of me. They left without touching a hair on my head, but they…they laughed at me.” His voice shook and he dug his fingertips hard into his palms, trying to regain control. “I didn’t know such things existed. Things like you.”

Andreas didn’t flinch at being called a thing, but he did hang on David’s every word.

“I began to research. I was only a kid, but a clever one, and tenacious to boot. Eventually my digging led some from your nation to take notice. Sirus found me. When he learned what had happened, he offered me a deal. Safety and protection, and revenge for my mother. All I had to give in return was twenty-five years of loyal service. It was a no-brainer. You know how rare my blood is. Sirus feeds from me sometimes, and I work for him the rest of the time.”

“We have something in common, you and I.” Andreas stood and turned towards the door. “I think you did the right thing. Twenty-five years is worth your vengeance. I hope to see you around, David. Thank you for your help.”

The door closed shut behind him. David’s hands shook as he put the lid back on the pen.

He hoped he would see Andreas again, too.

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