I’m not a huge TV watcher, preferring to write and read. However I do have  a few TV shows that are must sees. One such show for me is Hawaii Five-0. I absolutely love everything about it. The cheesey but funny dialogue, the gorgeous, color-soaked filming method, the even more gorgeous, Steve McGarrett. I love Danny. The action sequences. Kono. Chin. The whole thing makes me happy – and tonight I get to watch the first episode of the new series!! I can’t wait.

Other than Hawaii Five-0 there wasn’t much TV that demanded my regular viewing last year. New Girl was a weekly appointment for me, along with The Walking Dead. But that was pretty much it. This year? I’ve already got hooked on a few shows. I am loving The Strain and The Leftovers. Both really gripping, if kind of grim, (but hey, I watch The Walking Dead, I’m immune now).

Speaking of the Walking Dead. Fantastic opening episode, and so good to see the gang back together 🙂

I have to say, though that so far my favorite new show is Tyrant. It’s a really intriguing premise (I’m only a couple of eps in as I record everything and try to catch up through the month). And so far it’s very well acted. Oh, and the lead actor is extremely hot. Don’t believe me? Here. Have a look see:


See? Stupidly gorgeous!

I hasten to add that I don’t only watch TV shows because of the hotness factor of the cast – but it helps. (SPN, Spartacus, HF0, Tyrant, The Leftovers…You seeing a pattern yet?)

And just because I am so kind. And to celebrate the first ep over here in Blighty. Here. Have a short HF0, Steve McG pic scam. Because you can never have too much Steve McGarrett.

steve mcg

steve g


And last but not least – because it never gets old. I give you perfection.

steve mcg sea

My work here is done.