The last couple of days I’ve been really tired and run down. Like I have a low level flu or something going on. This isn’t a new state of affairs, it’s a fairly regular thing for me. I have ME/CFS. A chronic condition characterised by a lack of energy, muscles aches and pains, frequent infections and feeling ‘flu like’.

It is my own fault I feel ropey right now. I’ve done too much. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I could feel my energy lowering the other day but didn’t stop and take a day or two out. Now I am paying for it by feeling rotten – and I’ll probably need to take a day or two out to rest up and get myself well. There is a brilliant blog about this out there called The Spoon Theory – it explains what it is like to live with a chronic condition and is worth a read for anyone who is curious:

The other thing that happens when I get run down like this is my brain goes all ‘foggy’. I can’t remember names, dates, things I have to do. My grammar goes to pot and my spelling etc, deteriorates. Simple things become huge chores. And this time I am angry with myself because it is my own fault. I met a friend for a coffee and cake on the same day as I went into work – too much activity without a break in between. And it is cold and wet and that doesn’t help.

So this weekend I am taking it easy. Lots of sleep, warm baths, chamomile tea and snuggles with my doggy 🙂

Manlove Flash!
Check out our critique groups Valentine’s Flash. Lots of great short and sexy stories for Valentines day running this week.
Here’s the list:

14th: Jena Wade and Heloise West

15th: Amelia Bishop  and Mina Kelly

16th: Kimber Vale and Shiloh Saddler

17th: Eva Lefoy and Azalea Moone

18th: Dakota TraceJade Crystal, and Crane Hana

19th: JT Hall and ND Wylders

20th: Evelise Archer , Kate Lowell, and Skye Jones