From USA Today Bestselling author SR Jones comes a fiery new protector, romantic suspense series.
When you’re a world-famous star, there’s always someone watching you.

They call her Summer. It fits. She’s golden. Bright. Beautiful.
From the first moment I meet her, she makes an impression on me I’ll never forget.
A world renowned singer, she’s in danger.
Someone is watching her, hating her, penning threats to her.
They send me in. The man who will guard her and keep her safe.
I expect a spoiled diva, but I get something else entirely.
The woman the world knows isn’t the one I grow close to.
There’s a line you should never cross in close protection work, and I’m about to erase it entirely.

They sent me their best.
They call him Target, and it fits because the man is a heat seeking missile of sexy arrogance and terrifying competence.
He’s too much. Too much temptation and danger, wrapped within easygoing charm.
I see through the charm to the man underneath.
What I find terrifies me because Target, he’s far too much like me.
Deep down, we’re both dealing with trauma, and two broken people can’t make a whole.
Except, maybe, this time, they can.
There’s only one problem, before we can get our happy ever after, we must find my stalker.

Author note: This is a bodyguard romance, featuring a famous singer, a military hero who is protective and possessive, and the stalker they need to find before time runs out. If you love romantic suspense and high-heat thrills, you’ll enjoy reading Target and Summer’s story.

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