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In my world, family and honor are everything.
In my world, women are powerless.
In my world, men call all the shots.


“So many twists and turns, expectations, and finding out who will step up and save the day, you won’t even believe it, or maybe you will. Loved it and I can’t wait for the next book to come out!! I received an advanced reader copy of this book.”

-Stephanie D

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I saw a possible threat; he saw a victim in waiting.


“THE TRAP is constantly riveting.”

“This is an intense introduction to what is going to be a compelling and probably addictive story. Just from this taste you can tell Violet and Andrius’s relationship will be off the charts.”

“Seductive and thrilling.”

“I am falling all over myself to get to the next book!”

” This quick prequel makes you very eager to find out what happens to Violet Johnson after she was taken by the Russian mob boss, Sergei Allyov, and gifted to his hired killer, Andrius.”

“The angst is to die for! But in this you never suspect what the next step brings.”




The Pledge: Mafia Vows Book III is LIVE

In my world, you take what you want, and rules are made to be broken. In her world, people are good, kind, and honorable. When our worlds collide, the fallout will burn us both. Stella – her name means star, and for me she burns brighter than any other woman. I’ve watched her from afar,…

When a review really moves you!

So…I try to follow that old advice about not getting too worried about reviews, and mostly I don’t dwell on them. However I do read them – not every single one, I am sure I’ve missed a few lol – but I always have a read when a new book comes out to see how…

Freebie Fest!! Giveaway and free reads galore.

Hey guys, The Wolf Pack authors are having a great giveaway with FR*EE reads and gift vouchers to be won! This is for a limited time ONLY. Sale ends FRIDAY. Don’t miss out! My first book in the Shifters of the Glen series is part of the free goodies! There are lots of talented authors…

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Perfect plot, super engaging, intense and surrounded by a thick cloud of darkness.
S.R. Jones writes unforgettable characters, combined with steamy, fast paced-stories. You won't want to miss out!'
SR Jones' stories will take you on an adventure you aren't prepared for.
Silla Webb
Masque of the Red Pen